New Owner – Atlanta Roofing Company

New Owner – Atlanta Roofing Company

So exciting due to my family just opened up their new family business in Atlanta, GA! It is a family business that is giving back to the local community of Atlanta at the same time as running their business. They are Atlanta Roofing and I’m proud to write about this family business!

atlanta roofing
Atlanta Roofing

So, being the entrepreneur that I am, running a family business is awesome, just not for me though. I can not stay in one place, at least not yet! Nevertheless, this is a company, aside from being my family business, it is a roofing contractor business that is giving back to the local community.

How are they giving back you ask?

Good question and the answer is they are offering 20% off for first time customers! That’s a huge discount. If anyone knows the costs or repairing a roof and/or replacing a roof, 20% discount is huge!

Also, they give of their time at zero cost for building new homes that need new roofing in the community. Special projects are happening all over and they are a part of it!

So, back to Atlanta Roofing! I’m so excited for my family and I’m excited for the community that has been offered free roofing services from my family. This has helped many families already and they have just started.

Incredible set of roofing contractors that want more out of their daily job than to just show up and wait for the clock to hit 6pm! They truly love to make the best of their art, which is roofing. There are expert roofers and then there are stupid roofers that use junk for material and junk for the men working for them. Not to sound harsh, this is simply the reality of this industry.

So, my family business located here: is making a difference and trying to change the way people think about roofing!


Working From My Laptop Business

Working From My Laptop Business

What exactly is a laptop business?

I’m glad you asked.

It’s how I make money and thousands of other entrepreneurs do to. Wherever I go, as long as I have an internet connection, I work.

Just as all these other people ‘claim’ to make money with their laptop business such as people from these network marketing companies:

~ Wealthy Affiliate
~Empower Network
~Global Resorts Network
~Vemma (Got shut down)

And many more….

As far as they people claiming to make money, well they do if they are in the top 1% to 2% of the company. So, that means hundreds of people in their downline!

With my laptop business, there is no recruiting whatsoever.

Instead of a network marketing company, I work with the top internet coaching program. In fact, it’s the only internet marketing coaching program that is one of a kind, the only one like it’s kind as of today, December 12th, 2015.

They call it a coaching program that will literally kill your current job. Are you done working for your boss? Are you tired of making somebody elses dream come true? Are you tired of asking when you can go on a vacation?

All these questions to ask yourself.

If you have a laptop, an internet connection, and some common sense, you can work from anywhere with this top internet coaching program.

Working from my laptop is such a wonderful life to have. Believe me I have worked for years to get to this place. However, you don’t have to work at it for years to make a great living from your laptop. You can go to this site at and get into the one and only coaching program that is on the market today that will literally teach you everyday, never stopping, to learn how to make a laptop living!

You won’t regret it,





Above Ground Storm Shelters Talks Good Business

above ground storm shelters

Micah here, and I’m gonna write this post on just how good my business is going. Reason being is I want to let all of you (my readers) know that you can attain this also. In fact, I found a site that is all about blogging which is how I make such good money. It’s basically a Business Blog on Above Ground Storm Shelters in OKC. As we know this is a seasonal business and it is booming! This company knows how to help people and make some serious money doing it! They are Above Ground Storm Shelters OKC…

That simple really. Listen, if you are wanting to have a good business and you love writing, blogging is the way to go. Bloggers absolutely love writing and it could be on any subject. That’s the beauty of blogging!

Imagine all the different subjects one could possibly write about in a blog. The numbers are staggering. I, myself, write about how to help others make money and why my life is so good. I want to help others with their financial status and their emotional/spiritual status as well. My opinion, financial and emotional go together. I believe one has to be in a good place emotionally (positive thinking) to make their financial status get better.

Blogging, to me, has been an incredible adventure. Never imagined it would take me to the places I have been. I never imagined making so much money with my dream. But dreams are meant to come true and that is why I am here, to help you attain you dreams. This is why we are writing on Above Ground Storm Shelters in the OKC area.

Talking about good business is the start. What exactly are you looking to do for business? Do you currently own a business, whether it is a brick and mortar business or an online business? What are your goals for this up and coming year of 2016? Do you enjoy writing?

Whether you have a brick & mortar business or an online business, blogging about it will definitely bring more customers to you. Start a blog, it’s free!

This way you can attract more people for your business and if you do not currently have a business, start blogging and that will be your new online business, just like me.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

So How Good is My Life?

So How Good is My Life?

Fricken awesome! That’s how good my life is!

Welcome to my new blog, name is Micah and I thoroughly enjoy writing. This is my blog and I’m going to be pouring out my happiness and money-making stuff. I come from the beautiful state of California, or should I say the beautiful expensive state of California…lol. We are totally spoiled in this state, for our weather is pretty much always perfect. We have the ocean and the mountains within a few hours of each other. Opportunity is everywhere!

What else could we ask for…

I’m a beach-goer and a mountain-goer. Love to take my Sea-Doo and take it to the ocean or one of our nearby lakes. I then absolutely love going skiing in the mountains whihc are only a couple hours away! And in between those times, I love writing and making passive monthly income wherever I am, as long as I have my laptop and internet connection I’m good to go.

So, stop by now and then and let’s have some convo’s, alright!

Talk to you then,